Magma  Melter/Applicator
An effective system for the repair of surface cracks and the preservation of the deep layers of the road surface
Magma is the equipment specializing in the sealing of cracks that form on road surfaces of asphalt and concrete and is manufactured by the U.S. company Cimline Inc., which has 40 years experience in the field of sealing the cracks. The sealer Magma block the infiltration of water and ice thereby avoiding degeneration of the lower layers to road surfaces with consequent subsidence. E 'fueled solely by diesel and uses a high performance sealant composition of gum-bituminous, capable of maintaining high adhesive characteristics over time and elastic in order to ensure the impermeability of the wear surface of the paving. The sealing of cracks with this system is an affordable and durable as the intervention is limited to the crack. Machine models available are:

mod. 110 (capacity 417 liters) fixed / trolley
mod. 230 (capacity 871 liters) fixed / trolley

The deterioration of pavements
Maintenance of road surfaces is often still perceived as a practice in its own right and not as a fundamental component of the useful life of a road to be planned at the design stage. In this perspective, the maintenance, whether ordinary or extraordinary, not so much features as preventive and curative, is not subject to programming, is generally performed when the damage has already reached an advanced stage. Proper sealing of road surfaces or the timely intervention of maintenance to restore it are undoubtedly of critical moments in the life of an infrastructure.
The action of water in the deterioration of pavements

Water penetration swing or leaching through fissures, cracks and joints is one of the most insidious causes of degradation and ammaloramento paving. The temperature (recently very conspicuous even within the same season), triggering a chain of irreversible events in the deep layers involving the disintegration and the loss of their load-bearing capacity and reveal themselves to the surface through depressions, cracks branched, localized detachment of the surface layer. The types of events are very diverse, but in general are due to faulty design or poor management efficiently which results in late or improper maintenance.
Cracks are therefore the first sign of a degenerative process that does not reach a stabilization, but tends to become progressively worse. All this occurs in spite of the technology has made available a range of products and equipment refined, able to ensure the effectiveness of the intervention. These technologies are wrongly held in low esteem by the operators because they are perceived as being specialized equipment instruments with a limited range of uses. A replica rather than describe these arguments lies in the average level of health of the Italian roads and maintenance of the same. In fact, usually remains in operators and in commissioning a concept of the maintenance of the traditional type, marked by curative interventions small in magnitude and duration of short-medium or, conversely, to interventions deep with guarantee of long-term results but very onerous in terms of human resources, automotive and financial services.

The system Cimline

The system of heat sealing Cimline represents a solution of preventive maintenance proven over the years and extremely effective, very versatile in view of the ability to fill and seal cracks with widths varying from 5 to 70 mm (the variation depends on many factors such as the type of flooring, the environmental conditions, the amount and type of traffic, the distribution on the surface of loads etc.). Behind the simplicity of this principle, the sealing of the crack obtained by clogging lie actually sophisticated research on the materials that make up the sealant and complex audits on the measures required to maintain the characteristics of temperature, viscosity and adhesion of the bitumen fluid, the plant melting the slot.
Breakthrough to heal, before receiving the sealant must be properly prepared.
In case you are faced with a crack from the profile and irregular geometry the first stage consists in the widening and regularize the section of the crack, by use of a milling machine dry, specially designed to follow the path of the crack. Router PCR-25 is a milling machine to drag, a pointer and a shoe allow the operator to simultaneously control the progress of the crack, the speed and the milling depth.

Fundamental reveals the phase in which, by means of a lance compressed air, provision is made to remove dust and debris from the slot in order to promote adhesion of the sealant to the surfaces and the pouring in depth. In the presence of water or moisture into the cracks, it is possible to intervene with the heating of the edges of the slit, using a special lance which blows hot air under pressure, by evaporating the moisture, avoiding a sudden cooling of the sealant and promoting cohesion of the same to surfaces. This leads to the most important phase: sealing. From the tank the Sealer Magma, where fusion takes place, the sealing material, consisting of a mixture gum-bituminous additive, slides inside a heated hose and from here to the lance paving, maneuvered manually. In order to regularize the shape of the sealing bead, one can intervene manually by means of a special tool screed, so as to remove the possible amount of excess material. In general, you should do the sealing during the spring or autumn, or in the presence of an intermediate situation between the expansion and contraction summer winter. However, the sealants used by Magma (9 products with different ranges of temperature / surface) belong to the category High Performance (SAP) and guarantee high yields in various situations.

key Features

Lowered axle off that confer stability and low center of gravity, excellent driver visibility on the equipment and operators, easy accessibility in the load of the sealing material inside the tank by the operator

Rugged construction The frame is comprised of a rectangular tube steel corrosion resistant.

Innovative and compact design that includes the canopy soundproof engine, the fast-closing doors, mixer vertical hydraulic maintenance-free structure in tubular steel corrosion resistant flashing to indicate presence on site (optional).

Easy loading The loading height of the sealing material into blocks is one of the most important factors in everyday use. To minimize operator fatigue, for the stresses in the back, Magma is designed so that an operator of average height does not carry lifts over the height of the thorax. The cargo loading doors angled quick closure (Quick-Close) provide a loading splash proof, as the door is closed when the block of sealant material falls inside the tank.

Flexible lance heated by electric resistance, length of 6 meters, suspended from a suitable support in a position to avoid contact with the ground and suitable for operators of any stature, adjustable and able to reach the entire area around, lightweight, flexible, insulated thermally and with plant grounding, maintenance-free and clean. Nozzle opening paving sealant to control electric or manual valve with metal ball. Free from risk of circuit pressure during breaks and spread with a locking system to the frame during the transfer. And 'possible to have, on request, with a second spear, thus allowing operation over a wider range. The pump Cimline is designed to carry the sealant fluid along the entire path of the lance, up to the point to be restored. The flow control is ensured by an appropriate switch connected to solenoid valve.

Heating of the tank sealant with diathermic oil The particular inclination of the burner with respect to the bottom surface of the tank prevents contact of the material with the flame, preserving the quality characteristics physical-chemical properties. It also allows long life to the tank and high thermal efficiency, to the advantage of the heating time. Good part of the stream of loose material is put back into circulation by the pump through a special circuit to the advantage of speed, fluidity and homogeneity of heating, constantly guaranteed. Even the internal mixer helps the operation of homogenization of temperature, reducing the time of fusion.

Digital control of temperature and integrated diagnostics 3 digital displays connected to sensors and thermostats, they continuously monitor the temperature of the sealant, the spear and the thermal oil. The heating system fails in the event of failures or malfunctions that are marked with a special code on the display. The parameters are set by the operator with the exception of those max safety, pre-recorded by the manufacturer.

Designed for maintenance any faster because all the components (burner, pump, valves, hydraulic motors, distributor assembly, fuel filter) are perfectly accessible


Spare parts kit included

A complete repair kit is included in the emergency provision of any sealer Magma and includes:

primary burner control
digital thermometer
thermocouples stock
fuel pump adapter

Screw compressor 100 psi compact in combination with the water-cooled turbo-diesel engine, to reel with pipe and air-oil heat exchanger. Allows a constant flow of compressed air, necessary for the cleaning of the crack before coating of the sealant.

2 ° launches flexible heated to double productivity on site.

Light-signaling devices to increase the visibility of the equipment on site, available with rotating lamp single, double or intermittent LED lighting system.

Thermal lance "HOT ROD" The possibility of a successful accession of the sealant to the walls of the crack can be reduced for reasons due to several factors including the temperature nice setting too low, the dust and dirt and moisture. In order to obtain a clean surface and completely dry it is proposed that the use of this lance, connected to the compressor and to a LPG cylinder, through a combustion chamber adjustable by the operator, allows to produce a jet of hot compressed air with a temperature sufficient to evaporate all the moisture without "burning" the component of bituminous pavement.

Cutter dry "Router" mod. PCR-25 recommended for the preparation of sections of crack to be regularized. The cutter uses a set of carbide tools rotating, welded on a suitable support in a star. An electric actuator allows to adjust the cutting depth.